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Accidentally booked August dates instead of September for two bookings .

Last week i booked two train trips. I realised straight after I paid I had booked the

wrong month accidentally. I presented my case to the Rail Europe customer

service twice but absolutely no success. They weren’t even interested!!! VERY

disappointing and upsetting as it was $300+ and they simply refuse to change it

to the following month same date and time. How hard would that be, an how much

customer good will would they have got. I

am very angry at their approach considering how many trips I have booked with

them. Doesn’t help when there is no telephone contact details.

Can anyone tell me how I could escalate to senior manager?


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Rail Europe Posted 2 years ago

Hello Michael,

Thanks for the question.

Refunds and exchanges are done as per the After Sales Policy of the fare booked. May I know your 08 digit booking number so I can check and assist you better.

Best Regards,

Amar, Rail Europe Travel Expert.

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Hi Amar, thanks for your response, my bookings are 40286993 and 40286893 two separate bookings made one after the other.

Even in Australia the Train companies and law enforcement provide exemptions of their policies for genuine reasons. This is obviously a genuine reason,

1) I notified you straight after I realized I made a mistake ( within 5 Minutes)

2) I wont even be in Europe during those dates.

Any assistance would be much appreciated at this point

Kind regards



Amar are you going to assist me as offered above ?

photo Travel Expert

Hello Michael,

Thanks for the reply.

As per the After Sales Policy the tickets are Non Exchangeable and Non refundable. Hence nothing can be done as it is already purchased on the website.

According to the booking number the bookings are made on Australia website hence you can drop an email on the below email id to get in touch with Australia team.

Best Regards,

Amar, Rail Europe Travel Expert.

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