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BENEFITS OF Swiss Travel pass versus Eurail Pass vaild for Switzerland

Could you clarify this? I just recd an answer to my earlier question wherein you say that Eurail pass for switzerland does NOT include local transport? Do you mean local BUS transport? My understanding was it is valid for ALL train travel and this goes for all countries the eurail pass would be valid in, correct? With a eurail pass can I use ALL local suburban trains too?

The Swiss travel pass is valid for ALL bus routes within Switzerland? Just asking although train rides in Switzerland takes you through more scenic places, dedicated scenic tours plus regional trains. Does the Swiss travel pass gives you free bus travel in suburban cities e.g. Geneva, Zurich, Lucerne, Bern etc?

What about free boat trips on lake Geneva, Thun and Brienz?

Also, do all regional train stations have lounges for Ist class passengers? Do all major cities have them too and can I stay at the lounges if I arrive at a station late at night? Do the station lounges have showering facilities?



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Dear Latif,

Thanks for your question.

Please note that Eurail pass covering Switzerland does not cover local transport such as bus, tramp,ferries. It only covers regional train.

The Swiss Travel Pass is the most complete rail pass to visit Switzerland.

This pass allows you to travel on board trains but also buses and even lake ferries.

Regarding Lounge facility you will have to check locally.


Aamir,Rail Europe Travel Expert.

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