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Booked, no record of booking, no ticket, no booking reservation number but you have taken the money

Late last night, 6/7 Feb, I tried to book a ticket 1st Class Senior from Antwerp to London St Pancras on the 9:33am on Monday, 16th March. The payment page would not accept my 3-digit security code on the back of my credit card. I tried several times but it would not accept it. However, my bank sent an SMS to me to give me a code to approve the payment. You have taken the money AUD249 straight away out of my bank account but I have no ticket, no reservation or reference number and, according to my account when I log in, no record of ever having booked the ticket!!!! I have since looked at the trains available and the train I thought I booked has no more seats in 1st Class. I am really angry about it, especially as you have taken my money. Don't think I don't know what I am doing because I recently booked 2 journeys and the payments were fine. I previously recently booked two journeys and it was ok. Your website last night was in error. I have lost the train I wanted and I need an answer straight away as to what happened on your website and what you are going to do about it. I spoke by Live Chat to Aamir last night but he could not sort it out, neither could Ida. They both said there was no booking but if not, why did you take my money for nothing? Does your website not work at the weekends?

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Rail Europe Posted 4 years ago

Hello Anita,

Thanks for your question.

Please note that as your question is about a particular booking may I request you to contact our fulfillment team.

You can mail us on the ‘Contact Us’ page. You would have to select ‘Already booked’ tab and send in your message.

Hope this helps!!!

Anthony, Rail Europe Travel Expert.

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