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Does Lourdes Railway station have a luggage storage facility to keep luggage there for one day?

We will be travelling from Paris to Lourdes via Train but will not be sleeping in Lourdes. Is there a storage facility at Lourdes Railway station to keep two large suitcases? If not, are there other places in Lourdes where we can keep our luggage?

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Rail Europe Posted 3 years ago

Hello Rose,

Thanks for the question.

Unfortunately there are no luggage locker facility at Lourdes train station. You will need to carry your luggage with you for your travel. For other places you will need to check locally.

Hope this helps!!!

Best Regards,

Amar, Rail Europe Travel Expert.

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URGENT advice sought.

Your advice to Rose states that there are no luggage locker facilities at Lourdes, yet your website states that there are. You state on your website: "...Services: SNCF rail agents, Luggage trolley, Waiting rooms, Assistance for disabled persons, Lost and found, Police station, Tourist office, Toilets, Luggage storage, Wi-Fi Internet, ATM and Phone cabins..."

I wish to travel by train early one morning from Bordeaux to Lourdes (with my full travel luggage); spend the day at Lourdes; then travel on to Toulouse where I will spend two days. I will have to cancel my Rail Europe tickets for this journey, if there are no luggage facilities at Lourdes. I had believed your website when making the booking. Now, I don't know what to do. Please advise URGENTLY!


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Hello Glenys,

Thanks for your question.

Unfortunately there no luggage lockers facility at Lourdes train station. Due to technical glitch, it still shows on the website regarding the luggage storage facility available.

Our technical team is looking into the issue on the website.

Best Regards,

Amar, Rail Europe Travel Expert.


Hello Amar,

After asking your Rail Europe website about the luggage lockers, I contacted the Lourdes Tourist office, in case they knew of somewhere else where I could leave my

luggage at Lourdes for the day. If there was nowhere, then I would not have been able to go to Lourdes.

However, they advised me that there IS somewhere very close to the railway station where I can leave my luggage for the day. It is called the Cafe de Gare; is part of the Hotel de Gare, and is directly across the road from the railway station (gare, in French), in the same street as the Lourdes railway station (gare). Whether they only let international tourists know this and no one else, I don't know. But I notice on the Trip Advisor website, this same advice appeared in about 2009. So perhaps you could advise your technical team about that, so that they can suggest enquirers either ask the Lourdes Tourisme Office, or somehow, only let international tourists know. I imagine there wouldn't be much space there for luggage. If you look at the cafe's image online, it is quite small.

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Hello Glenys,

Thanks for the reply.

Unfortunately as the locker facility in Cafe de Gare is not governed by the railways, hence we cannot add in the information on the website or provide such information.

Best Regards,

Amar, Rail Europe Travel Expert.

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