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Enough time to get off train in Verona for quick visit of Juliets House then catch later train to Venice


Was wondering on a Sunday in early July, we are taking a train from Munich to Verona but are actually on our way to Venice for that night.

Is there enough time to get off at Verona at 12.37pm, get a taxi to go and have a look at Juliet's House and maybe the Arena, then return to train station via taxi. We need to catch a 4pm train to Venice from Verona or there is a 4.30pm train which only goes to Venice Mestre ( I think you have to be at train station at least 30 minutes beforehand - bare in mind we are inexperienced travellers and do not know train systems very well).

Is there enough time to have a look inside Juliets House and balcony and maybe then arena? Are queues long?

Are taxi's easily available at train station?

If arriving at Venice Mestre, how do I get to San Marco in Venice?

Is it true you have to be at train station at least 30 minutes prior to your train departing?

Thanks so much.

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Rail Europe Posted 2 years ago

Hello Kerrie,

Thanks for the question.

Unfortunately we cannot comment on that as it depends on your travel plan and Itinerary. We only assist in train travel hence you will need to check locally about travel by other mode of transportation.

Yes, it is advised to reach the train station 30 minutes prior your train departure time.

You can book your train journey as per your convenience keeping in mind the time required to reach the train station before departure time.

You can check with your travel agent near you regarding sightseeing information.

Hope this helps!!!

Best Regards,

Leora, Rail Europe Travel Expert.

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