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Help with itinery- from Venice to Lucerne - most scenic route on the Glazier Express?

Hi I'm new to travelling in Europe, I'm from Australia and it's our first, yes first big overseas holiday at 50yrs. My husband and I are going for the winter experience- I love Christmas so I want to experience it at it's finest, in Europe. We are doing three tours and I would like information on how to get from Venice to Lucerne by rail, however I would like to stop overnight somewhere in Switzerland in order to catch a train through the Swiss Alps the following day. I have no knowledge of the rail lines so I'm hoping someone may be able to assist with precise details. I have contacted Eurorail, however, they said just enter A to B and routes will come up, this isn't wasn't helpful or detailed. I'm wanting precise details, of what train I catch from Venice going to for example, from Venice to Milan, then to Terano and Chur then to Lucerne-I'm not sure if that is the correct order? I want to take the most scenic route and I'd like to go on the Glazier express and or other scenic trains. Departure is Venice on the 29th November 2017, mid morning and overnight somewhere pretty in between, arriving Lucerne early afternoon of the 30th November 2017. Please any help will be appreciated? Thank you

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