How to book/reserve train travel from NICE France to Santa Margherita, Ligure Italy?

I have been wasting hours and hours in trying to book this trip portion.

Managed to book/reserve trips - Started from Paris, Amboise, Dijon, Annecy, Avignon, Nice - and it got stuck at NICE. I couldn't book/access/reserve trip from NICE to Santa Margherita Ligure Italy. Spent hours and had chats with from Rail Europe chat line - but failed to understand the question.

Would you please kindly assist.

1. Can I utilise 10 days/2 month Europass France - Italy to travel from Nice to Sta Margherita Ligure Italy?

2. The Eurorail reservation system does not accept this city name (Santa Margherita) in any permutation/entries. Understood must travel first from NICE to Ventimiglia - but from Ventimiglia to STA Margherita.Lig was not recognised by the Eurorail reservation system. Please assist thanks.

3. Please inform how to save booked trips in shopping cart properly. Wasted hours of booking in one night in order to continue it on next day/night - but my shopping basket entries got cleared every time and I had to start all over again - from Paris - NICE - very annoying.

Do I have to pay it up every time before it can be saved?


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photo Travel Expert
Rail Europe Posted 4 years ago

Hello Frank,

Thanks for your question.

To start for with, the following is would be your travel routing and how you would have to book on our website:

- Nice to VentimigliaTER train.

- Ventimiglia to Genoa – Other train.

- Genoa to Santa Margherita – Intercity train.

1) Yes the Eurail France-Italy Pass would cover this sector. Keep in mind you would require to make reservations for the cross country train. You can travel with a validated pass on regional trains.

2) You would just need to enter Santa Margherita and the name will appear on the drop down list.

3) If you choose Book Early Fares, you cannot place them on Hold. Payment has to be made immediately. The cheapest fares are normally immediate payment fares. Book/reserve all your sectors at one given time itself, you will not face any sort of problem.

Lastly, seat reservations would be mandatory for all High-Speed, Night, Scenic and Border Crossing trains. But, you will avail pass holder/discounted fares for these journeys with the pass.

The pass seats can be reserved by clicking on “Seat Reservations” & feed in the Departure city and the Arrival city along with the travel date and preferred time & the number of passengers (Senior, adults, youth and children), and then click on “search tickets”. Once you do so, you would find the schedules along with the fares.

Please click on the “Fare Details” tab to view details regarding the type of fare, type of seat, whether a reservation is included or not and the After Sales Policy.

Hope this helps!!!

Anthony, Rail Europe Travel Expert.

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