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Perpignan to Valencia ticket via Barcelona, User ID:

I am interested in booking a ticket from Perpignan to a train station in Valencia on 28 January 2015, preferably leaving between 12noon and 1:00 pm.

I managed to find a booking on Rail Europe for a 2nd class ticket at AU$112 for a youth. However, when I did the same search logged-in, mentioning that I have a Spain-France Rail Pass, it said "schedules were not found."

Furthermore, I did a separate search on the RENFE trains website and they quoted €56.00 (approx AU$81) and I believe they offer e-tickets too. Why is there such a discrepancy in prices ($81 vs $112)? I need to book a Perpignan-Valencia ticket soon and I would prefer to take advantage of unlimited travel on selected days within a 2-month period (for Rail Europe passes). What deal could Rail Europe do?

Thank you.

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Rail Europe Posted 5 years ago

Hello Antonio,

Thanks for your question.

If you break your journey at Barcelona you will get a better fare.

As for the passholder fare you will have to do it locally as there is some technical glitch.

Hope this helps!!!

Isha, Rail Europe Travel Expert.

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Hi Isha,

Thank you for this information. I can see the cheaper options for Barcelona to Valencia, which I will book soon.

For the Perpignan to Barcelona section, will I also have to do that without being able to use my log-in? Even when I break my journey, I still can't manage to book a Perpignan to Barcelona train ticket (via my log-in), only without logging in which is noticeably dearer. Is this also attributed to a technical glitch or what's the situation here?

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Hello Antonio,

Thanks for your reply.

As I mentioned earlier if you are looking for passholder fares it won't be available as there is a technical glitch.

You would have to book them locally

But if you book for point to point tickets it is available.

Hope this helps!!!

Isha, Rail Europe Travel Expert.


Thank you Isha.

photo Travel Expert

Hello Antonio

Always happy to help!!!


Isha, Rail Europe Travel Expert.

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