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Traveling from Portugal to Northern Spain

Hello, my husband and I need to travel from Porto, Portugal to Basque Country Spain. It looks like, the direct 9 hour train from Coimbra, Portugal to Miranda de Ebro, Spain is the best train to take. Can you confirm that this $37 second class ticket is correct? Thank you

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Rail Europe Posted 3 years ago

Dear Shannel,

Thanks for your question.

As fares are dynamic and subject to change, I unfortunately cannot give fare quotations. I would request you to check directly on our website.

The largest city of Basque Country Spain, is Bilbao.

You could travel as follows:

- Porto - Coimbra - Miranda de Ebro - Bilbao

You can break and book each sector separately on our website.

In order to book tickets, please visit our website.

You would need to feed in the Departure city and the Arrival city along with the travel date and preferred time & the number of passengers (Senior, adults, youth and

children), and then click on “search tickets”. Once you do so, you would find

the schedules along with the fares. You need to select the fare which is

preferable to you and then add it to Cart. Once added, you need to mention the

names of the passengers to make the payment on the next page.

Hope this helps!!!

Best Regards,

Aamir, Rail Europe Travel Expert.

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